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Grammarly can be accessed by clicking on the Grammarly app on MYSTC.

Grammarly can help you improve spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and style in your writing. As you type, Grammarly checks your text for hundreds of common and advanced writing issues. Grammarly checks for grammatical errors, such as subject-verb agreement, article use, and modifier placement; and it also checks for contextual spelling mistakes, phonetic spelling mistakes, and irregular verb conjugations. Grammarly also provides synonym and other work-choice suggestions to make your writing more readable and precise.

Make sure you get the most out of Grammarly! There are computer and browser add-ons and plug-ins you can use to get help from Grammarly within Microsoft Word and Outlook, web browsers, and from your desktop!

Microsoft Office Plug-in for Windows

The Microsoft Office plug-in for Windows conveniently adds Grammarly to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. When creating a document, Grammarly will appear on the right-hand side and provide suggestions, as the online editor does.

Desktop App for Windows and OS X

The desktop app installs a shortcut on your computer's desktop to provide quick and easy access to Grammarly. Its usage is identical to the online editor. The desktop app is available for both Windows and OS X.

Browser extensions

Browser extensions allow Grammarly to check writing entered in text boxes within a web browser, including the Gmail Compose box.

You can also use the Grammarly Keyboard App for iOS and Android devices. Go to the App Store or the Google Play Store and download the free app. You may need to read the How to Install pages for your device's operating system to complete setup: How to Install on iOS ... How to Install on Android.

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox that provides instant links to full-text content for articles as you do research on the web. Nomad works with the STC library to figure out the fastest path to content across thousands of publisher websites. Special enhancement is also performed in-line on sites like PubMed and Wikipedia.

Brief introductory video on LibKey Nomad

Library Guide

The Library Guide provides information about how to check out a book, the rules of the library, printing, our cooperative agreements, etc. 


Students can print in the libraries or labs without charge. For large print jobs, such as PowerPoint presentations, students may ask at the desk for those files to be printed on the high-capacity copiers. Color copies are only available by request.

Renew books

Follow the steps in the file below to renew your items using the My Library Account link on the website.