Soft Skills

Dr. Erik Christensen - January 5, 2023 presentation on work ethics

Eric Hage: A Case Study on Soft Skills - 8 videos through Films on Demand
Eric Hage is the founder and CIO of an investment management firm. In this series, he talks about soft skills, such as being comfortable picking up the phone, sharing bad news in a timely manner, and formal communication within a company. He also talks about validating the value proposition, exercising caution with initial hires in a company, and challenges to the family environment in a company.

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7 Steps to Improving Communication. Infobase, 2001. - video through Films on Demand

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This program describes the importance of positive communication skills and teaches caregivers effective methods for creating clear, respectful exchanges.

Communication Skills. Infobase, 2005.
Presentations, reports, video conferences, e-mail, and telephone calls-more than ever, excellent communication skills are a prerequisite for entry into all sorts of careers. This video provides guidance in strengthening both verbal and nonverbal communication. The importance of carefully targeting the message to be conveyed, minimizing outside distractions, listening attentively, and developing an awareness of body language are stressed.

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Organizational Skills

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Top Organizational Skills: Examples and How To Develop Them - article on

Top Six Organizational Skills For The Workplace - article on

How to be Organized for School, College or Life [The 6 Habits of Highly Organized People] by Memorize Academy